Striking 12
TUTS Underground , 2015
Director, Marley Wisnoski
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design, Christina Gianelli
Costume Design, Colleen Grady

"[Striking 12] takes a timeworn familiar story and spins it anew with theater magic and beauty of performance. Everything works: Ryan McGettigan's set is a wonderland of birch trees, candlelit windows, falling snow, and bare light bulbs." - D.L Groover, Houston Press

"Director Marley Wisnoski has staged the piece simply but effectively. Though Cossman and Lowe are, by necessity, confined to their drum and keyboard stations, the violin's portability allows Wisnoski to give some movement to Goss. Wisnoski also makes good use of Ryan McGettigan's attractive setting, which places the musicians amid six birches wound with lights, with a dominant clock tower presiding over all. Christina Giannelli's evocative lighting also helps boost the show's visual profile." - Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle