Houston Ballet & Asia Society Texas , 2015
Director, Mathew Ozawa
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design, Renee Brode
Choreography, Kenta Kojiri

"Ryan McGettigan’s set of cascading screens created a serene, but ever changing landscape, delineating the space with strong vertical lines. A pattern of crisscrossed wires separated the musicians from the dancers just enough to keep these worlds in conversation without too much interference. ... More than anything, I so appreciated that Tsuru contained one idea, expertly and elegantly executed, and all within an hour’s time. Director Matthew Ozawa seamlessly balanced and blended dance, music, light and set to create a delightful chamber ballet, spare in scope, but so satisfying from beginning to end. How rare to see a piece that does not require editing!"
- Nancy Wozny, Arts+Culture Texas