Anna Christie
Cape Rep Theatre, Brewster, MA , 2013
Director, Maura Hanlon
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design, Herrick Goldman
Costume Design, Robin McLaughlin
Sound Design, Aaron Mack

"Every moment in this show is a feast for the senses. The perfectly choreographed, fluid movement on stage and impassioned acting plays out on a sepia-toned set of ropes and whiskey barrels with the ribs of a ship embracing the set. Ryan McGettigan’s set design is both beautiful and functional. At one point the barkeep packs up the saloon, setting chairs and bottles and barrels on the bar, which slides off into the wings, leaving the deck of the barge behind. A lit lantern lowers down, and an exquisite tableau is revealed as fog rolls across the ship’s deck and Anna stands in her nightgown looking out at the sea." - Bethany Gibbons, The Barnstable Patriot

Collaboration creates atmosphere of 'Anna Christie'
An interview with Ryan McGettigan on his design and process for Anna Christie

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