The Cherry Orchard
Classical Theatre Company , 2015
John Johnston
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design, David Gipson
Costume Design, Macy Lyne

"Ryan McGettigan has designed an attractive, fragmentary setting that suggests the play's wistful, fragile air." - Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

"Ryan McGettigan’s set design is a lovely minimalist interpretation. Interiors come to life with just a few salmon coloured velvet couches, chairs and a simply carved small wooden bookcase that becomes the odd object of lustful affection. The use of an open parasol and a picnic bench serve to conjure a park setting with the same lovely economy. But it’s McGettigan’s cherry orchard that really brings the simple beauty to the set. Flanking the entire upstage length as a kind of pseudo backdrop are three stick figure trees. It would look like a Charlie Brown Christmas kind of joke but for the dozens of white with pink origami blossoms that are dangled with invisible string from and above the branches, making them seem as though they are falling rising in the air at the same time. The sense of calm and comforting whimsy this evokes is a nice foil to the angsty and at times incongruous action happening on stage." - Jessica Goldman, Applause Meter