Doctor Faustus
Classical Theatre Company, Houston, TX , 2014
Philip Hays
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Costume Design, Macy Lyne
Lighting Design, Matt Shleif

"Ryan McGettigan's Scenic Design for the production is breathtaking for its bold choices and for adding to the spectral and spooky ambience that the production lives in. Curling up a large segment of the upstage floorboards and even a trio of the downstage floorboards gives the stage the appearance of being pushed up from the depths of hell and the notion that it is slipping away from both the audience and the performers, making the time spent on the stage feel both fleeting and urgent. Furthermore, doors on the set open and close on their own, which simultaneously spooks and fascinates the audience." - David Clarke, Broadway World Houston

"Ryan McGettigan's atmospheric design of raked floorboards, a carnival's dangling electric lights and those cabinets of wonders — out of which all manner of hellishness appears — is its own wonder to behold." - DL Groover, Houston Press