Failure: A Love Story
Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston TX , 2014
Leslie Swackhamer
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design, Devlin Browning
Costume Design, Kris Hanssen

"The technical elements all work to keep the audience focused on the words being delivered. Ryan McGettigan's Scenic Design is elaborately sparse. He fills the background with cut outs of cogs and gears, and dresses the support columns with laced struts and ties, creating the illusion of pure tension eyebars that are telling reminders of 1920s Chicago's industrialism. He also masterfully incorporates a sandbar into his design, which takes on several powerful symbolic meanings throughout the production." - David Clarke, Broadway World Houston

"The attractive production's key design strengths include Ryan McGettigan's inventive setting, with its backdrop of silhouetted cogs and gears..." - Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle