The Importance of Being Earnest
Classical Theatre Company, Houston, TX , 2014
Thomas Prior
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Costume Design, Claremarie Verheyen

"Scenic Design by Ryan McGettigan playfully illustrates locations with clever backdrops that are changed during intermission. Moreover, his use of color and skewed lines gives the stage a bright and jovial appearance that matches the tone and ambience of comedy." - David Clarke, Broadway World Houston

"CTC's Earnest is well oiled and lovely to look at, thanks to Ryan McGettigan's witty cut-out backgrounds and Claremarie Verheyen's sumptuous costumes." - DL Groover, Houston Press

"Classical Theatre did a fabulous job with the piece, down to every shiny detail ... Ryan McGettigan’s zany off kilter set, which included the stern gaze of the Queen Mother herself, added to its farcical edge." - Nancy Wozny, Texas Arts + Culture Magazine