Catastrophic Theatre, Houston, TX , 2014
Kyle Sturdivant
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Lighting Design, Dustin Tannahill
Costume Design, Macy Lyne
Sound Design, Chris Bakos

"Eno's strange beauties are made visible by mighty superlative dreamwork from scenic designer Ryan McGettigan (who's on a roll this season). The sides of the stage are masked by brick walls, brightly painted with vivid blue sky and puffy clouds. We're told by the Librarian that Middletown is renowned for its excellent clouds, and here they are, substantially surreal. These clouds could kill. Mary and John's houses are see-through wooden silhouettes, which allow their drab lives to be plainly visible for all to see. Later, a detailed hospital room will be rolled on, white curtain dividers and all." - DL Groover, Houston Press

"The play itself, the cast, and Ryan McGettigan's scenic design are surprisingly and satisfyingly conceptual .. Ryan McGettigan's Scenic Design is captivating for being both fully realized and sparse at the same time. The symmetry of the Swanson and Dodge homes and hospital rooms are realistically unrealistic, as are the brick wall wings painted sky blue with clouds. This all made even more pronounced because of the Astroturf flooring." - David Clarke, Broadway World Houston

"Ryan McGettigan's sets - especially the matching frameworks that suggest John's and Mary's homes - create a coziness that helps the cast bring out the play's flashes of genuineness." - Steven Brown, Houston Chronicle