Ubu Roi
Classical Theatre Company, Houston, TX , 2013
Director, Phillip Hays
Scenic Design, Ryan McGettigan
Costume Design, Macy Perrone
Lighting Design, Alex Jainchill
Original Music, Lucas Gorham

“Ryan McGettigan’s set consists of a sweeping elevated platform, jury-rigged with trap doors of all sizes, allowing the cast to literally drop in and out of the picture. The concept creates a delicious metaphor for the world lurking beneath Ubu, the cesspool-basement of power, so to speak. The height of his wooden, precarious deck also places the action right up in our face. There’s no escaping this seedy lot: Ingenious details, from the trashed propeller at the base of the steps to the miniature hinged doors for the footlights, add to the production’s junkyard funkiness.” - Nancy Wozny, Arts + Culture

“The ingenious production is a feast for the eyes, with its sweeping wooden arc of a stage littered with trap doors from which the cast appears and disappears. We're constantly amazed by the droll staging, crafted with wide-eyed enthusiasm and wicked wit by director Philip Hays, abetted with superb design by Ryan McGettigan.” - D.L. Groover, Houston Press

“Scenic Design by Ryan McGettigan is as brilliant as it is utterly surprising and impressive . . . Every element of Ryan McGettigan's design is an exercise in sheer theatrical brilliance.” - David Clarke, Broadway World: Houston